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The Betting Shop in Australia

Australia is a nation of punters, our love affair with taking a bet is deeply ingrained into our culture. Depending on your point of view betting shops offer a wondrous world of wealth and opportunity or a steep and rapid decline into a world of horrors.The betting shop will always have its supporters and detractors, both are equally passionate in their praise or condemnation of it. Today – when the Melbourne Cup generates the biggest betting draw of the year, with Australia gambling an estimated total of 200m, mostly in betting shops – will polarise the pro and anti camps.

The Betting Shop supporters will point argue that any type of betting is harmless entertainment, something we do to help past the time with a prospect of a reward. The lure can be strong to just pop in and watch a bit of sport and try to win some money. Detractors will point to the real and obvious possibilities of addiction and to the pitfalls of debt for people trying to use gambling to climb their way out of bad situations. Whatever your side you take one thing remains the same the Betting Shops in Australia are here to stay. The sports betting industry is massive and more companies are taking advantage of Australia's love for having a punt.

When betting shops were legalised a few thousand of them opened within the first few months. Today, betting shops have adopted the power of the internet to allow punters to place their bets at anytime from anywhere on potentially any sports around the word. The landscape of betting shops have evolved into versatile companies with massive reach and members spread all over the world.

Today, betting shops seem to be a business that has a license to print money but not all of them wanted to embrace the new world of mass betting, partly because of the investment required in setting up such an operation is quite substantial, the licensing fees alone in Australia are enough to put off many start ups. There are still a number of smaller bookmakers that thrive mainly due to loyal customers and some smart moves on their part.

In the past decade, several measures have been taken to curb the nation's gambling instincts. increases in tax on betting-shop wagers and stricter licensing requirements have been implemented but so far have done little to slow the demand. The problem with gambling is that it can be extremely addictive and it's an addition that can have serious implications on both the punter and those closest to them.

AT the end of the day "Betting shops will survive, even in a competitive market and are here to stay despite a tougher era of regulation. Betting shops are part of the nations passions like sport and a weekend bbq. When betting "bet with your head and not over it" seems to echo all over the media whenever gabling ads are shown and following this advice will ensure you have fun betting without any long term repercussions.

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